Defining IAT in Letter and in Spirit: Insurance Answers Together

July 26, 2021


What does the acronym I.A.T. stand for?

It’s a question we’ve heard time and time again. We’ve been asked by recruits, agents, brokers, customers and even our employees – What does I.A.T. stand for? To be quite honest, the IAT acronym was simply that – until now.

Who We Were

Since IAT was founded in the early ’90s, it grew to be one of the largest privately-owned property casualty insurers and surety writers in the country. You may know us by the name(s) of our operating companies like Harco, TransGuard, Occidental, Wilshire, or perhaps IFIC Surety.

Our companies were operating parallel to each other, rarely with any cross-over interaction. And for a while, that worked. But we knew that absence of collaboration was costing us opportunities to have more ideas present at the table.

Over the last five years and fueled by new leadership, we’ve worked diligently to unite these companies under one banner – IAT Insurance. And as we began to unify our systems, processes, and people, we noticed that each entity’s culture thrived on the same undercurrent: feeling like a family. It was then that we collectively began to rally around the idea that together, we are A Family of Answers.

Over the last year, that feeling has only become more concrete.

Today’s IAT

2020 challenged us all to evolve collectively and individually. Here at IAT, our bonds strengthened. Our grit steeled us. And we discovered who we really are and what IAT stands for, both in letter and in spirit.

So, allow us to introduce you to today’s IAT: Insurance Answers Together. IAT for short.

It’s what we do – Insurance

What we strive to deliver – Answers

And, how we work – Together

Insurance Answers Together encapsulates what we do as a group every single day: We work together to provide solutions for people and businesses. We collaborate internally and with our partners to provide the best possible insurance and surety options for our customers. It’s about far more than being a team. Across our 30+ office locations and eight business units, we are a family.

Why now?

We want you to know who we are and what drives us, particularly after such a trying year. It’s important.

This is what will guide IAT as we move forward with exciting plans, including continuing to improve our partners’ experience with us and finding and holding onto the best people to make that happen.

Whether you’ve known us since the beginning, or this is your first interaction with us, we look forward to having you along for the journey ahead.

It’s nice to meet you.